How Bad Do You Want It?

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I know something about you.
You ain't average!
Ain't nothing about you average!

But you know what?

You're playing small
Because it's easier to be average.

It's easier to be average!

Ain't nobody holding you accountable!

Maybe your momma ain't there for you!
Your daddy ain't there for you!
Maybe your teacher don't believe in you,
And so she's not,
Holding you to greatness
Because she don't know!

But I know something about you!

If you watching this right now!
And you went to the very end!

I know you're great!
And I dare you to be great!

I challenge you to be great!

I challenge you to be great
In every single thing you do!

And why do I challenge you?

Because I used to be average
And I was homeless.
And a high school dropout...

But man it feels good,
To be operating,
In greatness.
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