How Bad Do You Want It?

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I don't know if you've ever watched National Geographic before,
But when the lion catch up to that gazelle
And kill it,
What does the lion do?

He kill him
And then he does what?

He feed the family.

You ain't never see no lion
Just kill the gazelle
And eat it by himself.

One of two things happen.

As soon as he kills it,
And we know it's dead,
He looks back.

And they're all sitting there waiting.

And when he gives the sign,
They all come,
And they all eat.

He kills it,
Lifts it up,
Takes it back home,
Drops it on the ground.
And they eat.

See the problem with some of y'all,
The reason why ain't gonna never be successful,
'Cause you doing it for yourself,
And that's it.

That's your whole motivation.

You wanna look good.
You wanna drive sweet.
That's your whole motivation.
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