How Bad Do You Want It?

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Some things in life,
You don't get.
You gotta go take it.

For real!

It's some stuff that's happened for me...
Some challenges happened,
Life happened.

And some things I had to go take!
I had to go take it!

Like for real guys,
I was so accustomed to getting phone calls,
'Eric Thomas can you speak here?
Eric Thomas can you speak there?'

The retainers didn't come from,
Me sitting at home waiting on a phone call.

The retainers came from me staying in contact with individuals,
Going to trainings that I wasn't getting paid for,
Picking up books and learning their philosophies.

It didn't come to me like the other gigs came to me.

Some things will come to you...
But the success will not come to you.
Some things you gotta take!
By force.
Or you'll never have'em.
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