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The story says,
Every single day,
In South Africa,
A gazelle wakes up,
And it knows,
That if it is to survive,
It must outrun the lion that's chasing it.

Now I want to make sure you clear on this one.

This isn't the safari.
This life and death.

So the gazelle knows,
That if it don't outrun the lion...

What's going to happen to the gazelle?

Can I say this to you?
You think I'm playing.

Some of you with the way you running right now,
The way you working,
You will be extinct.

You won't be at your job long.
You won't be playing sports long.

Whatever it is.

That relationship you in,
You won't be in that long.

You don't get it.
I don't care what you did yesterday.
If you wake up two days ago
And you outrun the lion,
Like they don't give you a pass!

Every single day
When that gazelle wakes up,
You know what?

That gazelle realizes,
That it must outrun that lion
If it is to survive.
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