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You heard me say it!

My momma had me when;
Listen to me,
Got pregnant at seventeen.
My real father didn't come into my life until he was 30.

I started thinking that there were some dudes
Who were born on the other side of world,
That they had an advantage on ET.

And the reason why I wasn't successful
Is because I didn't go to that school.

Or I didn't have that scholarship.
Or I didn't get that training.
Or I was born on the wrong side of 8 mile.

And for those of you who've done your research,
8 mile the movie is not about a road.

8 mile is a divider
Between the rich and poor in Detroit.

And I was born on the other side of Detroit.

But then one day I realized
My man on the other side of town
Ain't got nothing on me.

As a matter of fact,
I have an advantage on my man
'Cause he grew up wealthy,
And so he has a spirit of entitlement.

And he ain't willing to get up three o'clock in the morning.
And he ain't willing to work as hard.

You heard me say it,
'Your daddy might own a company.
You might come from privilege.
But you will not out work me!'

I know exactly what I need to do on Monday.
I know what time.
And I know how long I need to be working
To make my dreams become a reality.
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