How Bad Do You Want It?

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And that's where;
Listen to me,
The successful and the unsuccessful are separated.
In the delay.

Listen to me.
Delay don't mean denied.

Catch me!
Delay don't mean denied.

Delay just means you gonna have to wait a minute.
And so what I'm telling you is;
This where you start separating the successful from the unsuccessful.

When the unsuccessful are in delay,
They get nervous,
They get worried,
They give up.
They quit!
They stop.
They surrender.

'Cause they don't see what they think they should see.

But when the successful are in delay,
We, listen to me,
We work while we wait!
We work while we wait!
We grind in between time!

Hear me again!
We work while we wait!

We work!
We work!
We grind, in between time!
We don't give up!
We don't surrender!
We don't quit!

We see differently.
Our perspective is different.

And because our perspective is different,
Our outcomes are different.
Our rewards are different.
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