How Bad Do You Want It?

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So do me a favor.

Study Michael Jordan,
But nobody is you.

Study the greats.
Serena Williams.
Michael Phelps.

Study the greats.

But at the end of the day,
You have to be YOU!

And that's what I love about what I do!

I'm not being cocky.
I'm not bragging.
But I'm telling you,
I ain't,
I'm not Les Brown.
I'm not Tony Robbins.

Flat out.

No disrespect to none of those guys.
They are great at what they do.

But when I do corporate work,
I go in just like this.


'Cause can't nobody do ET,
like ET do ET!

And when you ask me to do it!
But you tell me I can't be myself!
I can't do it.


Because when I'm a copycat
I'm never good!
But when I'm Eric Thomas,
I'm great!
I'm great at what I do!
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