How Bad Do You Want It?

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And now what happens is,
you gonna face some adversity out there,
that mamma can't get you out of!

That daddy can't;
he can't rescue you,
when you get out there in Game 5!

He can't rescue you!

When you on the free throw line,
you by yourself!
You by yourself!

And you in their territory!
And the crowd is chanting!

Mamma can't save you now!
Daddy can't save you now!

And everything you've ever dreamed of,
all you gotta do is make two,
and you advance.

And you scared!
'Cause you ain't never went through no pain!

And when coach try to push you,
you quit!

When coach try to challenge you,
you gave up!

'Cause you used to giving up
'cause you ain't never been through nothing!
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