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Eric Thomas Shares His 2 Life-Changing Moments & 3 Keys To Success

by Parin Patel

ET explains his “WHY” to the Auburn Tigers football team in his powerful "Greatness is Upon You!" video.

ET explains his “WHY” to the Auburn Tigers football team in his powerful “Greatness is Upon You!” video.

Last week Pam Perry interviewed Eric Thomas as he shared two life-changing moments and three keys success.

It was a great interview and I had to share the highlights (Listen to the full interview here – Thanks Pam, ET!).

Life-Changing Moment #1: Eyes On The Prize

Eyes on the Prize is a documentary series about the African-American Civil Rights Movement. And it’s something that changed ET’s life when he watched in college.

In particular, the story of Emmett Till struck a chord in him.

It opened his eyes to the blessings of the times he was living in compared to what his ancestors grew up in. He spoke about how he realized that back in those times “they could snatch you out of your grandfather’s house and murder you and there’s absolutely nothing that they would do about it.”

Hearing about and watching great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. risk their own lives for the sake of others inspired him. It gave him a new understanding and appreciation of the opportunity he truly had – of the opportunity that those before him had fought so hard and passionately for.

And we can clearly see, and hear, the impact this has had in the messages he shares, whether it’s The Secrets to Success, TGIM or The Blueprint to Success.

And I’m like, ‘Wow!’ Back in the day, slavery was real. Like, our ancestors literally went through these particular challenges in this country. And so for me to have, the opportunity that I have, and I’m wasting ’em? Like, ‘Come on E.’
– Eric Thomas 

Life-Changing Moment #2: Birth Of His Son

ET faced his fair share of challenges growing up with an estranged father. So when ET’s wife gave birth to their first child, and son, it changed his life. He viewed it as an opportunity to be an example to his son, to be for him, what his own father never was – a role model, friend, teacher and mentor. And it was an opportunity

ET spoke about how he always wanted to have a family life The Huxtables in The Cosby Show not because they didn’t have any problems, but because they didn’t have the same drama he experienced growing up.

And this is something ET speaks about in The Blueprint to Success as well – especially in I’m Driven, Harvard and Something Good. It’s clear that ET’s family is a big, if not the biggest, reason for why he does what he does.

You have an opportunity to do what your father did, and that’s not show up, that’s not be in your life. Or you have an opportunity to be an example to this kid, which means, as soon as the next school year comes around, you need to get your behind back in college, and you need to go back and handle your business for this kid.
– Eric Thomas 

Three Keys To Success

1) Believe It

The first thing you need to do is believe you deserve it – truly believe that the dreams you’re chasing, you are worth of not only pursuing, but realizing. So the first thing is to not only write down your goals and dreams, but to also believe it.

This is something ET touches on in The Secrets to Success as well. He speaks about how he used to have a defeated attitude growing up because his father abandoned him. So ultimately, he had to change his self-image – he had to believe in himself first – before he could change his life for the better.

He knew he had to earn it, but he also knew he had to believe it first.

Change the way you see yourself, and know that you deserve to live like you want to live.
– Eric Thomas 

2) Wake Up, Get Up!

Believing in yourself and writing your dreams down is one thing, but you must understand that dreaming alone is not enough. Writing the goals down is not enough. Saying you want to be successful is not enough.

Some things you gotta get up, get out, and go get it.
– Eric Thomas 

3) Show Up

There are going to be days where you’re tired, where you feel pain, where you “don’t feel like it”, but, as ET shared in the interview, you have to show up – every, single, day.

You have to take advantage of every single moment.

This is something ET highlights in The Blueprint to Success as well, as he talks about the dedication Cal Ripkens had throughout his baseball career. It was also a key message ET delivered to MSU students earlier this year.

Every single day, show up. Give 120%.
– Eric Thomas 

What are some life-changing moments that have inspired you?
And what keys are you following in pursuit of your dreams?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

How Bad Do You Want It?

Get daily motivational quotes from inspiring minds!

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