How Bad Do You Want It?

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So do me a favor.
Stop looking for results.
Stop looking for accomplishments.
Stop looking for affirmations.
Stop looking for somebody to pat you on the back.

And you just get up on Monday and grind.
And get up on Tuesday and grind.
And get up on Wednesday and grind.
And get up on Thursday and grind.
And get up on Friday and grind!

And if you grind;
No days off,
No holidays,
No snow days,
No weekends off!

Listen to me,
No birthdays!
You heard me!
No holidays again!

You heard me!

You keep grinding!
And you stay persistent!
And you locked in!

One day you gonna wake up.
And you don't know what day it's gonna be,
I can't tell you what day it's going to be.

But one day you gonna wake up
And you gonna be exactly where you dreamed you would be.

If you work hard enough,
You might be even further than what you dreamed.
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